The Capitol Look Has Arrived

Whoever hasn’t seen The Hunger Games yet should get to the box offices now or at the very least google that hair and make up!  Thanks to Katniss Everdeen and The Capitol, I’m thrilled to see the return of simple braids and even more so the “new again” propulsion of pastels and metallics!

Katniss-Braid    efie     cesar

How in the world can we all take our part in these crazy new looks?  Are we to dawn new pretty-in-pink wigs quaffed to perfection or glue lace to our brows and lashes?  Mollie Sugden may have pulled that off playing her part as Mrs. Slocombe in 1972’s show Are You Being Served, but this is real life. We have peers and judgment for crying out loud!  There may be the brave few that can wear periwinkle locks to the dinner table without a care or dusty rose colored curls to Sunday’s worship, but the rest of us may need a softer touch of this new fancy.  Maybe we’ll go full monty one day, but for now let’s just have fun with it!

Baby Steps:  Winter is the prime time to try something new and different with your hair.  Holiday party time!  And if you’re not using those as an excuse to bust out your party frocks and play with what some might consider “a bit much” any other time, then there’s no decency left in this world!  This is the time of year to celebrate everything pretty and frosted and metallic.  We’re adorning everything else aren’t we?  Let’s get glittered already!  Now, after styling your hair as we’ve talked about in another entry, The Blowdry, pigment your tresses temporarily with hair chalk or hair mascara.  These come in all different colors and are super fun, albeit spray chalks are easier to apply than hair mascaras.  (Come into Elan Germantown and get some to play with.)


When you’re ready to jump into full color, I am ready!  Davines just released their Mother of Pearl Collection in time for this trend.  I teach this method and it’s SO much fun!  We’ve also been playing around with these new “pure tones” to make all kinds of effects in the hair from the pearlescent to more solid shades like these looks below.

mop         effie trinket

Put down the flat cotton blends to make way for the sateen sheen at least.  Wear a sparkly lapel and do your hair up.  Now for the final touch…Be brave.  Be inspired.  Spray on some pink or purple pigment in that fresh quaff or brilliant braid and rock around the clock!  Because, now you know what works for Katniss Everdeen and The Capitol will definitely work for you!

Hugz&Hairspray this Happy Holiday Hair Time!


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