Summertime Hair: Beach or Festival Styles

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Summertime’s here!

Beach and Festival Hair

Whether you’re going to the beach or summer festivals, here are some things to think about when planning your styles for your upcoming trip(s).

One, you’re probably not gonna haul your entire collection of tools and products, right? Two, Expect the weather to be hot and humid. You know it’s coming so don’t act surprised when humidity ruins your blowout. Alway plan for this heat beast and all the pitfalls that come with it. You can easily prepare by pulling it up and out of the way. We’ll talk about that in a moment. Lastly, your hair might behave differently after washing in hotel water, or being dipped in sea salt or chlorine from pools.

Here are three simple hairstyles that will work with most hair types and will require minimum to no hair products or hair tools. I’ve sourced some images of these styles from the web so if they’re yours and you don’t want them up, please let me know.

The Headband WrapHeadband Waves

This is an easy way to get your hair off your neck while styling it wavy for later! Who doesn’t love a good two for one?! #Winning!

Brush your hair from the top down making sure that it all flows down naturally. Place a stretchy headband over the top of your head and halfway down so that headbandWavesyour hair is held into place. Now, split your hair into two pieces at the center back and pull forward to spill over each shoulder. Taking the right piece, mist with water till barely damp. If your hair is super fine and straight, you can use a tiny bit of curling cream or gel at this time. Remember to be light-handed with this though since it needs to dry while being wrapped up. Gather the hair and twist into a rope and wrap around the headband from just behind the ear to the back. Excellent! Now repeat on the other side.

Not only is your hair up and out of the way now, but when the sun’s gone down and things get a little cooler, take the hair down and enjoy a new beachy wave!

The 90’s Twist

twists   You know you should probably shampoo but there’s no time because the band’s going orig-21302838on soon? “No problémo, dude”! Take a note from 90’s hair fashion and twist it up Clueless style!

First, gather a bunch of hair pins. Next, part small sections of your hair starting from the top and twist backward pinning at every point you can fit one in. You can twist them around in spirals, zig-zags, or straight lines; it’s supposed to be messy. Now maybe add glitter, flashy clips, or hair chalk to make your hair “all that and a bag of chips”!

Braid-Wrapped Bun

Break out the braids and give that ol’ sock bun new life by adding a lil’ sumthin’.CrossBraidBun31

Take two small sections of hair from the back near the nape of your neck, and clip the rest up and out of the way. Braid these two sections and secure them with elastics. Comb your hair back with your fingers and tie the hair into a ponytail at 5482923d168b3_-_mcx-festival-braids-how-to-1-2-xlnthe back of the crown, leaving the two braids down. Pin the ponytail into a messy bun with bobby pins, then wrap the two thin braids around the bun, pinning them into place. Remember to be easy and loose with this as it’s not supposed to look perfect or even neat. Voilà!

And while I hope these styles are as easy for you as I promised, I mostly want your mind is off your hair and on to your time better spent chillaxin’ this summer! Have fun and be stylish!

Hugz & Hairspray!


Grey is the new Black!

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It’s time again to talk about those dreaded pigmentless pieces that start showing through our cosmetically colored hair. Yep, I’m talking about the greys! But probably not the way you think. Whether it was the need to grow out our natural grey or the effect of trendy pastel tones fading, there’s now a new beauty “do”. We are willingly going grey! That’s right! Turning what once was an age marker to now hot hair fashion! Search twitter for this trend by clicking here. #GrannyHair or search Pinterest by clicking here #GreyHair. I’ve posted some of these images below.

394blog grey copy blog grey 1 copy1darkgray

#Why GrannyHair? Is she not, after all, the first person who comes to mind when you think of grey hair?

916a7a292178c6a5683a100fcbb60c70  This sometimes pretty and other times punk influenced look is redefining “going grey”. Not convinced? Look it up. Not a Pinterest pinner yet? Haven’t joined the Twitter “following”? Then Google it! “Grey hair” doesn’t pull up the same images it once did! You’ll now find all ages of both genders sporting “shades of grey” and bossing this trend. And while social media blows up with grey-haired beauties, stars and models alike are sporting their own gorgeous grey locks down runways and award show carpets all over.1619

I know. Dyeing your ‘do’ in any stunning shade from platinum to gunmetal might still sound kind of strange. Look here how sterling silver would be a bold hair statement that looks awesome in every type of style. In addition, think about how a pinky grey or maybe a hint of purple in your hair would give new life to that Spring and Summer colored wardrobe!

Going grey no longer means growing old. It’s on trend and white hot AND shows the wearer is full of confidence! And what could be sexier?


Making Waves This Spring/Summer

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Recently, I’ve had a lot of clients asking how to get this “new, beachy, care-free wave”. It’s all the rage for both women and men this Spring and Summer too! There are several ways to get a wavier look. Here, I’ll tell you that it’s all in your type of hair, the tools you use, and what  products you’re styling with.b43d5ca11fbfcd93da88c17efe5dfa79Men-Wavy-Hairstyle-2013

Start by applying sea salt spray, texturizing lotion or curling cream to towel-dried hair. Next, pick up randomly sized sections and twist them away from the face letting them fall carelessly as you go. This provides a sort of training shape for the hair to dry in. Important: Don’t try to stretch or pull the hair tightly as you go. Tension equals straight hair. No bueno! Leave to air-dry or blow dry with a hair *diffuser to help form the waves faster. Afterward, scrunch the  twists to break down the structure, giving a super relaxed, imperfectly natural feel.

(For this method, I recommend Davines Sea Salt Spray or Curl-Building Serum and/or Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion or Curl Conscious Defining Cream. Feel free to mix and match! The straighter your hair is, the more product it takes to create what you want. If you already have super curly hair then try just the creams to calm you hair into the wave.)

3648f51f560cc9339c5ab8660eddbcd0If it’s a more structured wave you’re after, then a curling iron works well enough, even on short hair. Clip up the top half of you hair (temple to temple).  Pick up a long, skinny piece of hair and spray with a medium hold **working spray. Then, starting at the root area, twist the styler down the hair shaft to achieve the wave; the whole time thinking loose, messy, wave. Spray with medium hold flexible  hairspray before and after then rake your fingers through to break up any curls that may have formed too polished.mens short curl copy

(In the salon, we use sprays like Medium Hold with Shine by Davines or their Invisible No-Gas Spray to curl hair. Bumble and bumble also makes a great working spray called Does It All… named so because it does. 😉 It’s really important to always use a thermal protectant when you use any type of tool that super heats the hair. Grab a bottle of Melu Hair Shield while you’re at it. One bottle lasts forever and you can save drying time using it. Besides, who really wants fuzzy fried ends?!)

If you think using diffusers and irons are more hassle than they’re worth, then there’s always the option of getting your hair permed. Yes, I said perm; and no, I know you’re not trying out for the latest production of Flashdance. Perms are done differently now ( #NoPoodlesHere ). It may sound terrifying but having your hair permed to a large curl could not only create beachy wave, it’d also ensure your hair stays wavy. Remember, the larger the rod the looser the wave. They’ll last anywhere from a couple of months to half a year. Ask your stylist if it would be suitable for you and your hair needs.

As always, I hope this is helpful and fun!



*A diffuser is a hair dryer attachment that – unsurprisingly – diffuses the air the dryer emits, allowing it to spread softly through the hair rather than blasting it full-on.

**A working spray is a soft to medium hold spray that doesn’t flake or feel too stiff. The idea is to be able to change your mind while working with it.


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So lets talk about this “No-Poo” trend.

For years now, hairstylists around the world have assured clients that not shampooing every day is good for them. We produce all the healthy and conditioning oils that our hair needs and day-old hair styfree weightsles better. We don’t walk on or eat with our hair. Work out much and afraid someone will smell your sweat… or worse? Then rinsindavines_hair_refresher2g your hair really well and conditioning takes the gym away, redistributes the oils and helps defeat frizz before it rears its ugly head. And don’t forget about dry shampoo! That time saver can also carry a fresher fragrance getting you back to your happy cubicle faster by not getting your hair wet to begin with.happy_cubicle_working_girl_posters-rde7c090b997d491f8dd551309fe53566_w2q_8byvr_512Wen and MyDivaCurl are a couple of “cleansing conditioners” that have found a way to get women around the world to stop their lathering rituals. How? Easy. Marketing. And that’s great, really! I’m just a little sore that I didn’t think of branding one for myself but I digress. What happens after a trend like this starts to stick? The homeopathics start flooding Pinterest with solutions of baking soda and vinegar to create an at-home alternative. And that can be fine, unless you have colored and/or otherwise chemically treated hair.

no Poo

Geeky Explanation: Soaking hair in an overly alkaline environment loaded with abrasives can strip color and beat up the integrity of hair; not to mention those natural oils we were talking about earlier will be toast.

Layman’s Terms: Most shampoos are at the proper levels of science stuff so that no damage is caused to hair. Do your research to find the shampoo best suited for your hair type. Or better yet, ask your hairstylist. And yes I have to say it. These “good–for-you” shampoos are ones that are usually not sold in grocery stores.

Tips to ‘Pooing the right way:

1-    Shampoo the scalp, condition the ends.   That’s where the oils, dirt, and buildup are.

2-Always use a conditioner after shampooing.   The right conditioner shouldn’t make you excessively oily. Tell your stylist and ask for recommendations.

3-You don’t have to shampoo just because you’ve gotten your hair wet.   Rinsing well is usually all we need anyway.

So take the “NoPoo” in the direction it was intended. Stop stripping the hair needlessly of it’s nourishing oils. Quit trying to make your own shampoo without litmus paper. And take care of this ultimate accessory…  hair. It’s usually the first thing that people see and often describe you by and it has to go with everything!

The Capitol Look Has Arrived

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Whoever hasn’t seen The Hunger Games yet should get to the box offices now or at the very least google that hair and make up!  Thanks to Katniss Everdeen and The Capitol, I’m thrilled to see the return of simple braids and even more so the “new again” propulsion of pastels and metallics!

Katniss-Braid    efie     cesar

How in the world can we all take our part in these crazy new looks?  Are we to dawn new pretty-in-pink wigs quaffed to perfection or glue lace to our brows and lashes?  Mollie Sugden may have pulled that off playing her part as Mrs. Slocombe in 1972’s show Are You Being Served, but this is real life. We have peers and judgment for crying out loud!  There may be the brave few that can wear periwinkle locks to the dinner table without a care or dusty rose colored curls to Sunday’s worship, but the rest of us may need a softer touch of this new fancy.  Maybe we’ll go full monty one day, but for now let’s just have fun with it!

Baby Steps:  Winter is the prime time to try something new and different with your hair.  Holiday party time!  And if you’re not using those as an excuse to bust out your party frocks and play with what some might consider “a bit much” any other time, then there’s no decency left in this world!  This is the time of year to celebrate everything pretty and frosted and metallic.  We’re adorning everything else aren’t we?  Let’s get glittered already!  Now, after styling your hair as we’ve talked about in another entry, The Blowdry, pigment your tresses temporarily with hair chalk or hair mascara.  These come in all different colors and are super fun, albeit spray chalks are easier to apply than hair mascaras.  (Come into Elan Germantown and get some to play with.)


When you’re ready to jump into full color, I am ready!  Davines just released their Mother of Pearl Collection in time for this trend.  I teach this method and it’s SO much fun!  We’ve also been playing around with these new “pure tones” to make all kinds of effects in the hair from the pearlescent to more solid shades like these looks below.

mop         effie trinket

Put down the flat cotton blends to make way for the sateen sheen at least.  Wear a sparkly lapel and do your hair up.  Now for the final touch…Be brave.  Be inspired.  Spray on some pink or purple pigment in that fresh quaff or brilliant braid and rock around the clock!  Because, now you know what works for Katniss Everdeen and The Capitol will definitely work for you!

Hugz&Hairspray this Happy Holiday Hair Time!

The Blowdry

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I’m often told my clients don’t always blow their hair completely dry because it takes too long.  Especially with our humidity we have here in the Spring/Summer, all that ends up happening is the dreaded frizz monster!  He usually only rears his ugly hand of hair torture when we rush the job so take your time.  Use products and tools that work.  And remember, it should last a few days if you do the dickens out of your do!  Here’s how I describe giving a great blowout that lasts and most importantly doesn’t waste your time.

One: Start with the appropriate products.  Before I became a stylist, I thought one styling tool was as good as the other.  Turns out… I was wrong.  (Yes I said it. Mark it down. ;))  Two: Use neat partings and plenty of clips when needed.  Struggling with that last clip you’ve somehow managed not to lose ain’t helping anybody.  Less Frustration = Happier Blowout.  Three: Don’t skip steps.  The perfect style that takes a bit of time the first day should last for three or four.  #timewellspent

Sidenote: There are millions of products out there that could work for you.  But I love Davines so I’m recommending mostly them.  If any product is out of reach, then look them up on the links I’ve given and try to find a substitute based on the performance details.  Cool?  Let’s start!

Say you want a big voluminous vixen-like blow.  You have to start with volumizing products.  Shampoo and conditioner are just as important as styling products.  Afterward, apply a structuring element.  If you have fine or limp hair, try Volu Mist to prep the hair to accept Volume Mousse.  This “extra” product is important because fine/limp hair doesn’t have enough surface area.  This mist gives it more guts to be the hair we know it can be!  After the non-sticky, no flake mousse, it’s time to dry.

You will need to try smoothing cleansers and conditioners if sleeker, smoother locks are what your pining.  Then, smooth in Davinessoftening, silkening agent instead or try a straightening balm by Rene Furterer.

After the prep comes the rough dry.  Hang upside down and blow till 50-70% dry.  (The curlier your hair, the wetter you wanna leave it.  You’ll be smoothing it while you dry.)  The longer your upside down, the more volume at the root.

Divide and clip.  Center a 4 or 5” Mohawk section over your part and continue down in 2” sections horizontally all the way to the nape.

Blow the hair dry from root to end, section by section, from the bottom up.  If you have problem bangs, get them beaten into submission first.  “But Adam, why can’t I just hold the dryer at my hair without clips until it’s dry?”  The inside never gets dry while the outside dries out too much.  Don’t burn it out!  Trust me, I do it a dozen times a day; this way goes much faster.

If you want to get fancy, loosely twist each section of hair after blowing it dry.  Don’t touch it again till it cools.  This gives extra body and movement.

As far as touch ups go, strike while the iron is “haute”!  Texture is all the rage right now and there’s no easier way of getting by a few extra days than to grab a flat, curling, or even crimping iron.   Spraying in some structure before ironing or oil-absorbing powder after would help stretch your current coiffure as well.

With that, I say good luck my chic army of hair benders!  Follow your steps, maintain that mane, and save your styles.


Vacation Hair

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I’ve been asked a lot lately how one can easily style hair on vacation.  Admittedly, it seems a bit easier for my guys than my gals, but only at first.  Ladies are often afforded the luxury of keeping that style for multiple days.  Regardless, no one need go unkempt while boarding, sailing, or beaching oneself in paradise for a few.

Surf’s up dudes.

Just a tube or can will do for the beaus.  Going to the beach or the mountains?  Getting your hair completely dry to style can be a bit tricky (or may never happen in daily practice much less vacation, right?).  I’ve found a couple of products that can be easily wrestled through your quickly toweled locks without protest be it still damp from shower or shore.

Remember pastes and waxes.  A wax will be great for shorter to coarser hair types.  When styled over damp, retains its shine so bring a comb to spiff up that 50’s part line. ~Hott!~  The dryer the hair, the more matte the look. ~Still Hott!~  The longer the mane, the less hold you’ll need.  So move from wax to paste to smooth your locks and keep the frizz from crashing the party.

There are a lot of options out there but if you ask me, it’s gonna be Davines.  Wax?  Easy.  Hands down the best wax I’ve ever used with the most clients is No. 13.  Warming a small amount in your hand before styling haphazardly gives that easy carefree look.  As far as cream goes, I think no wrong can come from No. 5.  Try it out!  We sell at our salon.  Call or stop by before your trip and we can show even the most inept how easy it can be.

short 2 short 1 short

Now to my ladies!

Have you heard of the sock bun?  It’s fabulous, quick and easy!  Washing your hair can be a drag because the drying afterwards right?  Nevermore!  Squeeze out as much as possible with a microfiber quick dry cloth like a Turbie Twist or a swimmer’s towel.

After rough dry, or full monty (that’s “all the way”), soften and moisturize with cream then grab a sock and get to cutting… not your hair!  All it takes is a ponytail on top and a scrunchie made from your toeless sock rolled up like a doughnut.  Here’s a link to a super fun DIY place for those specs!  If you are going to put it up wet please make sure that you leave it a little loose in the ponytail holder.  As it dries, hair shrinks so it could snap if you don’t it leave room.  After a night’s sleep or a day’s adventure in the bun, toss those beautiful new beachy waves with some salt spray to encourage more sexy texture!


wavy wavy 2


Hope these tips get ya stylin’ faster and easier!  Have fun in the sun this spring and summer!

Hugs and Hairspray!


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I’m excited about a hair collection I’m able to bring to all my clients and readers! Many of you know the line that I educate for is Davines, from Parma, Italy.  Our artistic director Angelo Seminara, the triple British Hairdresser’s Award winner, has created the collection called Powder.  I think that it’s great for spring!

This collection of colors utilizes superimposed pastel colors accentuated by rosy cool tones and other unexpected glints sprinkled throughout these classic shapes.  Such beautiful and saturated shades are softened by what seems like a veil of powder, exuding femininity and exposing vulnerability while staying confident and graceful.

We have everything we need at my shop to achieve these gorgeous looks!  Now if I can only find a volunteer to let me shave and dye her hair… Know someone?

Adam Barnes @ Elan Germantown, Nashville, TN (615) 255-1419

Davines Powder

pawder long

Beards and Brows: Lavender, Mustard, or Teal?

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Beards and brows: Lavender, Mustard, or Teal?
I recently found an article where Tush, a German magazine, dyed male models’ hair bright saturated colors. While not perfectly suited for 99% of my male clientele, it would be fun and is at the very least incredibly inspirational!
I’ve laid a couple of images and a video shoot of all three models. Enjoy!




A Time for Everything…

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So here it is…  It is my hope that this style blog will become one you can rely on for advice about both hair and fashion.  I’ll start with at least two or three a month and look to post weekly about images, trends, new hair color schemes, etc.

We are all fortunate for the many ways we can access inspiration now!  Whether I’m tearing pages from the latest Vogue and GQ or Googling till my fingers are sore and my eyes are crossed, I love seeing the latest runways for hair and fashion!  I use this info to recognize patterns and common styles; even develop my own trends here in Nashvegas!  I have been collecting them all for my own hairspiration but am now eager to start sharing!  That means there will be helpful tips here to style both the latest and upcoming trends for the ladies and the gentlemen!

To get started   Let me tell you a little about myself.

I came to Nashvegas in 2003 to make myself a busy life full of happy.  After some continued career exploring from bars to banks I turned to the world of hair fashion in 2004 and haven’t looked back! Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to tease (and spray) some stars of Music City and paint some of the local beauty that Nashville has to offer.  When I did videos, commercials and shorts with CMT I styled Taylor Swift, Stephen Baldwin, Maureen McCormick and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to name a few.

Four years into this new artistic journey, I tightened my bootstraps (by which I mean my Chucks) and successfully spearheaded the rebranding of our salon. A year later, I squared up my bowtie and became an educator, teaching my style of “hairapy” to salons from Kansas City and Dallas to New Orleans and back.  Having now trained for years with companies like Davines and Vidal Sassoon, I’m fired up and ready to change Nashville one head at a time!

Now you know me.  Follow along as I present tips for your own arsenal against bad hair days and warped wardrobe ways. And may the hair be ever in your favor!