Grey is the new Black!

It’s time again to talk about those dreaded pigmentless pieces that start showing through our cosmetically colored hair. Yep, I’m talking about the greys! But probably not the way you think. Whether it was the need to grow out our natural grey or the effect of trendy pastel tones fading, there’s now a new beauty “do”. We are willingly going grey! That’s right! Turning what once was an age marker to now hot hair fashion! Search twitter for this trend by clicking here. #GrannyHair or search Pinterest by clicking here #GreyHair. I’ve posted some of these images below.

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#Why GrannyHair? Is she not, after all, the first person who comes to mind when you think of grey hair?

916a7a292178c6a5683a100fcbb60c70  This sometimes pretty and other times punk influenced look is redefining “going grey”. Not convinced? Look it up. Not a Pinterest pinner yet? Haven’t joined the Twitter “following”? Then Google it! “Grey hair” doesn’t pull up the same images it once did! You’ll now find all ages of both genders sporting “shades of grey” and bossing this trend. And while social media blows up with grey-haired beauties, stars and models alike are sporting their own gorgeous grey locks down runways and award show carpets all over.1619

I know. Dyeing your ‘do’ in any stunning shade from platinum to gunmetal might still sound kind of strange. Look here how sterling silver would be a bold hair statement that looks awesome in every type of style. In addition, think about how a pinky grey or maybe a hint of purple in your hair would give new life to that Spring and Summer colored wardrobe!

Going grey no longer means growing old. It’s on trend and white hot AND shows the wearer is full of confidence! And what could be sexier?



~ by adamshairtips on April 5, 2015.

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