Summertime Hair: Beach or Festival Styles

Summertime’s here!

Beach and Festival Hair

Whether you’re going to the beach or summer festivals, here are some things to think about when planning your styles for your upcoming trip(s).

One, you’re probably not gonna haul your entire collection of tools and products, right? Two, Expect the weather to be hot and humid. You know it’s coming so don’t act surprised when humidity ruins your blowout. Alway plan for this heat beast and all the pitfalls that come with it. You can easily prepare by pulling it up and out of the way. We’ll talk about that in a moment. Lastly, your hair might behave differently after washing in hotel water, or being dipped in sea salt or chlorine from pools.

Here are three simple hairstyles that will work with most hair types and will require minimum to no hair products or hair tools. I’ve sourced some images of these styles from the web so if they’re yours and you don’t want them up, please let me know.

The Headband WrapHeadband Waves

This is an easy way to get your hair off your neck while styling it wavy for later! Who doesn’t love a good two for one?! #Winning!

Brush your hair from the top down making sure that it all flows down naturally. Place a stretchy headband over the top of your head and halfway down so that headbandWavesyour hair is held into place. Now, split your hair into two pieces at the center back and pull forward to spill over each shoulder. Taking the right piece, mist with water till barely damp. If your hair is super fine and straight, you can use a tiny bit of curling cream or gel at this time. Remember to be light-handed with this though since it needs to dry while being wrapped up. Gather the hair and twist into a rope and wrap around the headband from just behind the ear to the back. Excellent! Now repeat on the other side.

Not only is your hair up and out of the way now, but when the sun’s gone down and things get a little cooler, take the hair down and enjoy a new beachy wave!

The 90’s Twist

twists   You know you should probably shampoo but there’s no time because the band’s going orig-21302838on soon? “No problémo, dude”! Take a note from 90’s hair fashion and twist it up Clueless style!

First, gather a bunch of hair pins. Next, part small sections of your hair starting from the top and twist backward pinning at every point you can fit one in. You can twist them around in spirals, zig-zags, or straight lines; it’s supposed to be messy. Now maybe add glitter, flashy clips, or hair chalk to make your hair “all that and a bag of chips”!

Braid-Wrapped Bun

Break out the braids and give that ol’ sock bun new life by adding a lil’ sumthin’.CrossBraidBun31

Take two small sections of hair from the back near the nape of your neck, and clip the rest up and out of the way. Braid these two sections and secure them with elastics. Comb your hair back with your fingers and tie the hair into a ponytail at 5482923d168b3_-_mcx-festival-braids-how-to-1-2-xlnthe back of the crown, leaving the two braids down. Pin the ponytail into a messy bun with bobby pins, then wrap the two thin braids around the bun, pinning them into place. Remember to be easy and loose with this as it’s not supposed to look perfect or even neat. Voilà!

And while I hope these styles are as easy for you as I promised, I mostly want your mind is off your hair and on to your time better spent chillaxin’ this summer! Have fun and be stylish!

Hugz & Hairspray!


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