Making Waves This Spring/Summer

Recently, I’ve had a lot of clients asking how to get this “new, beachy, care-free wave”. It’s all the rage for both women and men this Spring and Summer too! There are several ways to get a wavier look. Here, I’ll tell you that it’s all in your type of hair, the tools you use, and what  products you’re styling with.b43d5ca11fbfcd93da88c17efe5dfa79Men-Wavy-Hairstyle-2013

Start by applying sea salt spray, texturizing lotion or curling cream to towel-dried hair. Next, pick up randomly sized sections and twist them away from the face letting them fall carelessly as you go. This provides a sort of training shape for the hair to dry in. Important: Don’t try to stretch or pull the hair tightly as you go. Tension equals straight hair. No bueno! Leave to air-dry or blow dry with a hair *diffuser to help form the waves faster. Afterward, scrunch the  twists to break down the structure, giving a super relaxed, imperfectly natural feel.

(For this method, I recommend Davines Sea Salt Spray or Curl-Building Serum and/or Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion or Curl Conscious Defining Cream. Feel free to mix and match! The straighter your hair is, the more product it takes to create what you want. If you already have super curly hair then try just the creams to calm you hair into the wave.)

3648f51f560cc9339c5ab8660eddbcd0If it’s a more structured wave you’re after, then a curling iron works well enough, even on short hair. Clip up the top half of you hair (temple to temple).  Pick up a long, skinny piece of hair and spray with a medium hold **working spray. Then, starting at the root area, twist the styler down the hair shaft to achieve the wave; the whole time thinking loose, messy, wave. Spray with medium hold flexible  hairspray before and after then rake your fingers through to break up any curls that may have formed too polished.mens short curl copy

(In the salon, we use sprays like Medium Hold with Shine by Davines or their Invisible No-Gas Spray to curl hair. Bumble and bumble also makes a great working spray called Does It All… named so because it does. 😉 It’s really important to always use a thermal protectant when you use any type of tool that super heats the hair. Grab a bottle of Melu Hair Shield while you’re at it. One bottle lasts forever and you can save drying time using it. Besides, who really wants fuzzy fried ends?!)

If you think using diffusers and irons are more hassle than they’re worth, then there’s always the option of getting your hair permed. Yes, I said perm; and no, I know you’re not trying out for the latest production of Flashdance. Perms are done differently now ( #NoPoodlesHere ). It may sound terrifying but having your hair permed to a large curl could not only create beachy wave, it’d also ensure your hair stays wavy. Remember, the larger the rod the looser the wave. They’ll last anywhere from a couple of months to half a year. Ask your stylist if it would be suitable for you and your hair needs.

As always, I hope this is helpful and fun!



*A diffuser is a hair dryer attachment that – unsurprisingly – diffuses the air the dryer emits, allowing it to spread softly through the hair rather than blasting it full-on.

**A working spray is a soft to medium hold spray that doesn’t flake or feel too stiff. The idea is to be able to change your mind while working with it.


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