So lets talk about this “No-Poo” trend.

For years now, hairstylists around the world have assured clients that not shampooing every day is good for them. We produce all the healthy and conditioning oils that our hair needs and day-old hair styfree weightsles better. We don’t walk on or eat with our hair. Work out much and afraid someone will smell your sweat… or worse? Then rinsindavines_hair_refresher2g your hair really well and conditioning takes the gym away, redistributes the oils and helps defeat frizz before it rears its ugly head. And don’t forget about dry shampoo! That time saver can also carry a fresher fragrance getting you back to your happy cubicle faster by not getting your hair wet to begin with.happy_cubicle_working_girl_posters-rde7c090b997d491f8dd551309fe53566_w2q_8byvr_512Wen and MyDivaCurl are a couple of “cleansing conditioners” that have found a way to get women around the world to stop their lathering rituals. How? Easy. Marketing. And that’s great, really! I’m just a little sore that I didn’t think of branding one for myself but I digress. What happens after a trend like this starts to stick? The homeopathics start flooding Pinterest with solutions of baking soda and vinegar to create an at-home alternative. And that can be fine, unless you have colored and/or otherwise chemically treated hair.

no Poo

Geeky Explanation: Soaking hair in an overly alkaline environment loaded with abrasives can strip color and beat up the integrity of hair; not to mention those natural oils we were talking about earlier will be toast.

Layman’s Terms: Most shampoos are at the proper levels of science stuff so that no damage is caused to hair. Do your research to find the shampoo best suited for your hair type. Or better yet, ask your hairstylist. And yes I have to say it. These “good–for-you” shampoos are ones that are usually not sold in grocery stores.

Tips to ‘Pooing the right way:

1-    Shampoo the scalp, condition the ends.   That’s where the oils, dirt, and buildup are.

2-Always use a conditioner after shampooing.   The right conditioner shouldn’t make you excessively oily. Tell your stylist and ask for recommendations.

3-You don’t have to shampoo just because you’ve gotten your hair wet.   Rinsing well is usually all we need anyway.

So take the “NoPoo” in the direction it was intended. Stop stripping the hair needlessly of it’s nourishing oils. Quit trying to make your own shampoo without litmus paper. And take care of this ultimate accessory…  hair. It’s usually the first thing that people see and often describe you by and it has to go with everything!


~ by adamshairtips on February 13, 2014.

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