Vacation Hair

I’ve been asked a lot lately how one can easily style hair on vacation.  Admittedly, it seems a bit easier for my guys than my gals, but only at first.  Ladies are often afforded the luxury of keeping that style for multiple days.  Regardless, no one need go unkempt while boarding, sailing, or beaching oneself in paradise for a few.

Surf’s up dudes.

Just a tube or can will do for the beaus.  Going to the beach or the mountains?  Getting your hair completely dry to style can be a bit tricky (or may never happen in daily practice much less vacation, right?).  I’ve found a couple of products that can be easily wrestled through your quickly toweled locks without protest be it still damp from shower or shore.

Remember pastes and waxes.  A wax will be great for shorter to coarser hair types.  When styled over damp, retains its shine so bring a comb to spiff up that 50’s part line. ~Hott!~  The dryer the hair, the more matte the look. ~Still Hott!~  The longer the mane, the less hold you’ll need.  So move from wax to paste to smooth your locks and keep the frizz from crashing the party.

There are a lot of options out there but if you ask me, it’s gonna be Davines.  Wax?  Easy.  Hands down the best wax I’ve ever used with the most clients is No. 13.  Warming a small amount in your hand before styling haphazardly gives that easy carefree look.  As far as cream goes, I think no wrong can come from No. 5.  Try it out!  We sell at our salon.  Call or stop by before your trip and we can show even the most inept how easy it can be.

short 2 short 1 short

Now to my ladies!

Have you heard of the sock bun?  It’s fabulous, quick and easy!  Washing your hair can be a drag because the drying afterwards right?  Nevermore!  Squeeze out as much as possible with a microfiber quick dry cloth like a Turbie Twist or a swimmer’s towel.

After rough dry, or full monty (that’s “all the way”), soften and moisturize with cream then grab a sock and get to cutting… not your hair!  All it takes is a ponytail on top and a scrunchie made from your toeless sock rolled up like a doughnut.  Here’s a link to a super fun DIY place for those specs!  If you are going to put it up wet please make sure that you leave it a little loose in the ponytail holder.  As it dries, hair shrinks so it could snap if you don’t it leave room.  After a night’s sleep or a day’s adventure in the bun, toss those beautiful new beachy waves with some salt spray to encourage more sexy texture!


wavy wavy 2


Hope these tips get ya stylin’ faster and easier!  Have fun in the sun this spring and summer!

Hugs and Hairspray!


~ by adamshairtips on March 28, 2013.

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